Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hello again!

I have been a super busy bee and I am going to try my hardest...again to try and keep this blog more up to date. I think it will help me once I get more into routine. So I have been busy launching my own photography business and also a graphic design business. I am so excited and I just love doing it. Besides that I have been busy with my little man. He is growing up far too quickly and I miss him being a baby all ready.

What's on my TV tonight?

First up is American Idol and it's Guy's night! I have so many favorites on the show and I can't believe they are cutting them in half. All I know is I love that they brought the "Gentle Giant" back. It broke my heart to see him get sent home last week. He is just so sweet! Good luck gentleman.

I also love Tim Allen's new show "Last Man Standing". It's refreshing to see some better television on again and Tim Allen is hitting it out of the park. Reminiscent of "Home Improvement" except he has three daughters in the new show. It's great and you should be watching it.

I am currently watching "Tabatha Takes Over". I just love her. Her bluntness and honesty, her style, and her demeanor. She's classy and yet she is bold! I have loved her since she was on "Shear Genius". And some of these salons are just jokes. I can't believe that some people lack so much sense when running a business. I just love that she is helping others. Right now there is an emotionless robot running a business and he has no idea about anything with his business. He is probably the least receptive owner I have seen on her show. I love watching this and "Kitchen Nightmares" and all their business "nuggets" that they give. Plus the both have awesome accents.

I am so excited to also watch "Dance Moms". I love that show. The ladies are crazy, the kids are talented and adorable and Abby is one bad ass mama-jama!

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