Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Voice & Cakes...the Diaper Kind.

So I completely forgot about The Voice since I was watching American Idol, but luckily E! had a marathon today so I am all caught up! And I watched The Voice tonight as the battle began and I am such an emotional mess. I get so attached to people and and their emotions that I ended up crying like a baby during these types of shows. I think all the judges got it right tonight. Everyone that blew me away and really evoked an emotion with me was chosen so that is exciting!

I also wanted to share another fun craft that I enjoy doing for friends and family. I love to make diaper cakes for baby showers. I have been doing them for about 5 years and I had came across a site that showed one and I knew I could attempt something similar so I did just that. At the time I had never seen them done and I thought it was one of the best gifts. You gift them diapers and whatever little gifts you want to include. I know as a new mom it is a great gift. Plus it is a great showpiece during baby showers. Here are just some that I have created in the past:

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