Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Baby, Breakup Rumors, and a Big Shake

What's going on in today's world?

Ben Afleck & Jennifer Garner are expecting a third child! I was so happy to hear this news, as I am a fan of this gorgeous couple, and their even more gorgeous children. So it is such great news to hear they will be adding another one to their brood. They all ready have two little girls, Seraphina and Violet, so I am hoping for a mini-Ben.

Also a story regarding a split between the Hollywood Power couple, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, started to circulate. As soon as I saw this pop up on my Twitter feed, I was almost in disbelief. They seem like such an amazing couple and to hear that their marriage was dissolved was disheartening. Although there was no official word from either couple that his story was true, it was still a hot topic. However the couple did release a statement later on sating that their marriage was "intact". I was thrilled to read that because they are definitely my "married couple role models."

And the top story today would be the earthquake that hit the East Coast earlier this afternoon. Actually the story broke out on twitter before other news sources, sign of a media age. According to USA Today, the earthquake lasted 45 seconds, measured 5.8 magnitude, and the epicenter was in Mineral, VA. It came as a shock since the East Coast is somewhat virginal in the earthquakes, although in West Coast standards, it was a "baby" quake. I am in the MidWest and we rarely have earthquakes here also. However about 3 years ago, there was 5.2 that's epicenter was less than 20 miles from where we live and it shook enough to wake this sleeping baby up. I thought at the time my husband fell out of bed because he wasn't by me, but he was up getting ready for work...hehe! It was definitely an interesting experience and I can't imagine how the West Coast handles them so well. They really put a shock in your system!

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