Monday, August 22, 2011

iDee 5.0

iPhone + iPad + iMac = iDee

The first time I saw an iPhone, it was love at first sight. I couldn't believe all of the capabilities that is was able to achieve. The iPhone was way ahead of the current market, and since I am kind of a tech junkie, I dreamed of owning one. Eventually I did, after recycling through one bad phone after another. I originally got an iPhone 3G since that was the newest one available and I was so excited to play with it and test it out. While it does have some kinks (i.e. apps that crash, camera takes a while to load, freezes sometimes), it still was the best phone I have ever owned. And with Apple constantly updated their operating system, the phone is always improving. The phone is one of the easiest and most streamlined phones I have ever owned. No extra buttons to find menus and such, just click "Call" to make a phone call, and "Messages" to text, so it is super simple. It's unfortunate that some people think it is complicated because of the touch screen and all of the icons, but it is perfect for all age groups. I believe if they would try it, they would love it. I have obviously upgraded since then and now own the iPhone 4 which is such an improvement on it's predecessor.

After the iPhone came out, Apple manufactured a tablet called iPad, and after seeing the first advertisement, I thought I would love to own one! And to my amazement my husband bought me one for Christmas, even though I never asked for one and wasn't expecting it. I was so excited to play with it and test it out. I loved how similar it was to the iPhone, which made it easy for me to figure out. I mainly use the tablet to write(I'm writing on it as we speak!), to sketch or edit photos, read books and magazines, and play games. It is so convenient to just flip it open and play with it. Shortly after Apple introduced their iPad 2, with the addition of the camera, and although I would love to have one, I am content with my iPad.

During all of these Apple love, I had converted my husband into a Apple user, so he felt we needed an iMac. We have heard so many great things about their computers and since we loved their phones and tablets, we knew it would fit perfectly. We got an iMac less than a year ago, and it is so easy and simple to use, but being a PC girl it has been so hard to make the switch. I have grown accustom to using Windows and leaving it behind has been hard, so I still use the PC for designing and editing. But my husband is in love with the iMac. He hated all the extra "junk" on the PCs and loves how clean the iMac is. He is the primary user of it but I still like to jump on and do other stuff when I am working on the other computer. The biggest bonus is how secure the iMac is compared to PCs. It gets far less "baggage" from the internet than it's competitors.

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