Saturday, August 20, 2011

Holiday World...Round 2

So for the second time this summer, the entire family went to Holiday World.  I was going to...then I didn't want to...but we ended up going and it was a blast.  My little man can't ride many rides yet but that doesn't stop us.  He rode the carousel and he semi-enjoyed it.  He hated when it wasn't moving, but once it got going , he was all smiles.

I really didn't ride much rides this time.  I was too busy playing with Colton.  We went to the Hollidog land and there is a water spouting area in the middle that the kids run around in.  Well since my son isn't exactly the best walker right now(He's a weeble wobble), he crawled around in it and loved it.  The only downfall is that the ground rubbed his toes and feet almost raw and it bled!  EEk!  He didn't even seem phased by it.  So we decided to go to the water park area after that.  And that is my son's favorite place.  We went to the wave pools and he just enjoys it so much.  He will definitely be a swimmer because he tries to jump in the water and paddle right now....too cute!  We left pretty early because my husband is on call and he was thinking he may have to go to work soon.  But we ended up snapping a picture with the Santa Clause statue before we left.

The best part is that my son is always worn out and sleeps like...a baby!

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