Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday [My Story]

Growing up I never really had any issues with my weight.  It was when puberty hit that all hell broke loose!   I was starting to develop in areas I wasn't ready for.  I had a very skinny brother who did nothing but eat what he wanted and played video games, while I would work out and eat healthy and still it seemed like I was expanding.  I think what really stuck to me the most and probably affected my self-esteem the most would be a comment that my step-mother made.  I still remember it.  My brother had got a Yoo-Hoo out and I asked if I could have one.  She told me that I probably shouldn't have one because I don't want to get any bigger than I all ready was.  That was the moment that I really become conscious of what I looked like.  All through high school I felt like I was fat and ugly.  Now I look back at those pictures, and I really wasn't big at all.  I would love to be that weight again.  My senior year I was 150 pounds, which is quite a bit, since I am only 5'2". 

Fast forward five years and I was at my heaviest at 220 pounds! I guess happiness does make you fat. (I met my husband and got married.) I got pregnant over a year and a half ago and was so afraid to get any bigger.  I actually ended up losing over 20 pounds, a combination of horrible morning sickness, and being diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 20 weeks.  I had to be on a strict diet, which was hard for me, but worth it, to make sure my little one was healthy.  So now here I am almost a year since giving birth and I am still stuck at 200 pounds!

I have decided to really get going on this weight loss journey, and the best way for me is to hold myself accountable.  I debated about whether I would include my actual weight, and decided that actually seeing it, will motivate me. So I have decided to join in and make today: Weigh-In Wednesday!  Every Wednesday I am going to document my current weight, previous weight, amount lost, goals, accomplishments, and problems I face.

My long-term goal:  Start eating healthier and exercising more, encompass a healthy lifestyle.

My short-term goal: To lose 10 pounds within the next two months.

Previous Weight:
Current Weight:
201.0 lbs.
Amount Lost:

Accomplishment: I decided I was going to do this and really try to stick with it.
Problem: I sometimes forget to eat a meal, usually breakfast or lunch, which results in mindless eating later in the day.

Monthly Measurements: Taken on 7/13
Bust: 45 in
Waist: 41 in
Hips: 46 in

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