Thursday, July 7, 2011

REVIEW [Downy UNSTOPABLES™ In Wash Scent Booster]

I was recently lucky enough to receive a full size sample of Downy's newest product UNSTOPABLES, from Vocalpoint.  Vocalpoint is a great website with lots of opportunities for freebies and samples.  Vocalpoint is a community of moms who love talking to other people, get energized when they are asked for their opinions, like searching for new knowledge and sharing it with others, and enjoy making a difference in people's lives.  You should at least try it out.

The following is the description from Downy's website:

Downy UNSTOPABLES™ In Wash Scent Booster
You love the softness of Downy. Now add the feisty freshness of new Downy UNSTOPABLES, an in wash scent booster that goes beyond everyday freshness to keep active wear, towels, and other fabrics smelling “wow” right up until the next wash. So every day, you can indulge in the freshness you crave. Just pick a scent below. Then see how to use UNSTOPABLES—and what makes it so fresh, easy, and fun.
Ready to shake things up with freshness that really lasts?  Pair your favorite Downy fabric softener with Downy UNSTOPABLES Fresh, an in wash scent booster for clean breeze freshness that just won’t quit.

The first thing I noticed after opening the package, was the scent.  I received my sample in Fresh, and it really lived up to it's name.  It had a light, airy, somewhat floral fresh scent to it.  They also have it in Lush, which is lavender scented.  I also loved the packaging of the product.  The colors they chose, as well as the design and shape of the container, were all appealling to the eye.  It would really pop out next to other products.  I love that they used black, because not that many brands dare to venture into that color palette.  It really works here.  In addition to these factors, I absolutely adore the name UNSTOPABLES.  It really is unique and describes the goal of the product: to leave an unstoppable scent. As far as the product's usage, I found it to be easy to use.  Just shake into the cap, toss into water before clothes, and enjoy a lasting scent.  The scent was also lasting.  The towels I used it on a week ago, still smell Fresh!

I did, however, have an unfortunate problem with the product.  I used one of towels I washed with it, to wipe off my son.  I laid him down for a nap, and when he woke up, he had broken out all over his face and body.  He had an allergic reaction to the product.  It was the first time he has ever had that happened (At first I thought "Oh Lord...chickenpox! Which I have never had so I thought I was screwed).  We ended up giving him Benadryl and it subsided.  Another thing I think that Downy could improve on the packaging would be the lid.  It really is unnecessary.  I didn't use it, I just flipped and shook.  It would be much easier to have just a flip top and no cap.  Another downfall is the fact that it seemed like I needed quite a bit of product in order to really smell the scent. 

I would definitely recommend this to a friend, even with it's shortcomings, it is a great product with a wonderful idea behind it.  I will unfortunately not be able to use it myself because of my son's reaction to it, so it looks like someone is going to get some smell goods in the family.

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