Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday [Inspiration & Motivation]

My Workout Inspiration Board
I created an inspiration board to help motivate me when I feel like giving up.  I picked out pictures of bodies that had a quality that I wanted to work towards.  My goal is not to be stick thin, but to be healthy.  And most of the people who motivate me have some bit of curve to them.  I think my body was definitely made to be an hourglass shape, which I used to have not that long ago.

I had done really good on my diet, and making sure I was tracking what I was eating.  Then I got an overwhelming craving for sugar and sweets and carbs (Oh they are my weaknesses)!  One of the many downfalls during my monthly visit would be these cravings.  I succumbed and now I feel super guilty.  But I won't beat myself up over it because that usually leads me to want to give up.  I will just accept it and try harder.  Hope everyone else is leading a healthy life!

My long-term goal:  Start eating healthier and exercising more, encompass a healthy lifestyle.

My short-term goal: To lose 10 pounds within the next two months.

Previous Weight: 201.0 lbs.
Current Weight: 197
.6 lbs.
Amount Lost: 3.4 lbs.

Accomplishment: I kept my food journal for over a week.  I also did pretty well on my diet...
Problem: Until I started craving sugar and carbs...realized it was time for Aunt Flo's visit.

Monthly Measurements: Taken on 7/13
Bust: 45 in
Waist: 41 in
Hips: 46 in

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