Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up [A Zoo-riffic Time]

Another fun filled weekend in our household!  We wasn't really sure what we were doing this weekend, but it turned into a blast.  Friday night we grilled out at my husband's uncle's (who also happens to be my husband's best friend; they work together and he is only nine years older than us).  It started out just us and a couple of our cousin's, but slowly more family trickled in.  Almost the same crew that spent the day at Holiday World with us.  We had all ready decided that we were going to the zoo in the morning, as long as my husband got off of work in time, which he did.  Well they were wanting to go to the zoo too, so we decided to go together again!  We wanted to go to the St. Louis Zoo, but that is a three hour drive and we really wanted to get there when it opened, so we all headed home pretty early to get some rest.  We planned on leaving about 5 in the morning and we were car pulling with his uncle.  I have no problem getting up and early and ready to go as long as it is somewhere I want to be.  I was ready to leave at 5!  The van was packed, with four adult, two babies, and a three year old, who decided he was not going to sleep on the car ride over.  The babies did pretty good on the ride and slept most of the time.  We did make a pit stop at a resting place so we could stretch a little and change some diapers.  I knew my little squirt made a stinky! 

We arrived almost exactly when they opened, with some help from Google maps (thank God for my iPhone, because men can not be trusted with directions).  Everyone showed up, looking a little tired, but still excited to start the day.  I must say that I think I was more interested in to Zoo than my son, but that's okay, since he really doesn't know what he is even looking at.  I have not been to the Zoo since I was a young child and had also not seen their penguin exhibit ( I am a BIG penguin lover)!  It was another long, tiring, and yet completely fun filled day.  We saw a lot of the animals.  Only downside was the heat!  It was so hot.  And as a result I was so dehydrated..  It also doesn't help that I can go almost a whole day and only have one glass of fluids!  Another bad thing that happened was that my son dropped Sophie the Giraffe at some point and my husband looked forever but couldn't find it!  It was somewhere near the lions, so maybe they ate her for lunch.  Oh well, we can always buy another one.

What's your favorite exhibit at the zoo?

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