Thursday, July 14, 2011

REVIEW [Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teething Toy]

The picture above is from my son's nine month pictures.  We brought along one of his favorite sidekicks and trusted companion: Sophie the Giraffe.  Unfortunately Sophie is no longer with us after an accident at the zoo (refer to the last weekend wrap up).  Still I wanted to share with you my review of this beloved teething toy.

The website describes it as follows:
Sophie Giraffe
In natural rubber 0-12 months+
The famous giraffe 'Sophie', who has been part of babies; lives for more than 40 years.
Slender, flexible, and soft, baby can squeeze and chew her in complete safety. Made of 100% Natural Rubber (phthalates Free) and food paint.  Lovable and amusing, she makes a happy sound when her body is squeezed: stimulate baby's hearing and helps him to understand the link between cause and effect.  She is perfect for soothing Baby's sore gums when teething.

After reading many reviews online, I decided to splurge (price ranges from $18-$23) and buy this toy before my son began teething.  It was definitely a great investment.  My son loved this toy and really gnawed her once he started to teethe.  It really is stimulating to all five senses of the baby.  The colors are high contrast, which really caught my son's attention.  It makes a squeak when you squeeze her, which sounds similar to a dog toy, but my son loved to do it anyway.  Once he figure out that it made that noise when she was squeezed, he did it all the time.  The rubber is soft to the touch and feels great on the teeth (I tried it first).  It also had a clean smell to it.  Another bonus is the safety of the rubber and paint, especially with all the fuss over lead based paints.  I guess they didn't care as much as I was a child, because we ate just about anything!

The only pitfalls would be that it is quite pricey, but definitely worth the investment.  The paint seemed to also chip off easily.  Guess it was fine since it is food based paints, but when I saw it peeling I would cut it off.  Another big concern is the choking hazard.  I do not have personal experience with this, but I can see how it could potentially be a choking hazard.  The legs and head are slender and long and could easily get lodged into the throat.  So I would always make sure your child is supervised.

I really did enjoy this product.  It was a lifesaver in my time of need.  I think it may have some problems, but none of them were significant enough to affect my recommendation of this product.  If you have a child who is having a hard time teething, I would try out this product.

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