Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up [Happy 4th of July]

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend.  It sure has been a crazy busy weekend, at least for me.  It started off with my husband's family reunion on Sunday.  We arrived around noon, ate some yummy food, talked and laughed a lot, and enjoyed wonderful company.  My only peeve about going somewhere and being gone all day is that our 11 month old thinks he can not nap, because he may miss something.  Well a no nap baby equals a fussy baby which ultimately means a stressed mommy.  One thing I do think I am blessed with is the fact I can lay my son in his crib, shut the door, and he falls to sleep (after entertaining himself for awhile).  But unfortunately it is not so easy outside of the house.  Even when he is dead tired, he will still fight sleep.  I can't blame him, because I am the same way!  I tried to go for a walk, play with him, pass him around, let him play in his play yard, but he was having none of it.  I finally decided to just hold him down and rock him.  It usually only take a couple of minutes for him to fall asleep, but he fights and yells.  I hate doing it, but I hate having him not sleep also.  Besides all of that, the rest of the day was pretty fun.  What is so great about my husband's side is their sense of family.  They are very close and do a lot of stuff together.  Something I completely lack from my side.  We stayed until after 4, talking and just having a great time.  We also discussed our 4th of July plans.

I wasn't sure what we were doing, because I figured my husband would have to go to work.  Well we all decided to go to Holiday World, sort of last minute.  Family that had to work, were calling in to work, including my husband.  So after that came the hard part: deciding what time we all wanted to get up.  Some of them were wanting to be there when it first opened.  However the couple of us that have young children, did not feel like bringing our children that early.  The only reason we really wanted to go was to see their fireworks display, so we would have to stay until after they closed, leaving us not wanting to arrive too early.  We got there around noon, about 20 of us. The first thing we did was hang out in kiddie land.  The little ones seemed to really enjoy it.  My wonderful husband was pushing our son around, since it was his nap time (we seem to always leave around that time), so I could take pictures.   We kind of wandered around the park, stopping here and there at rides for the kids.  I am a big theme park enthusiasts, and grew up riding roller coasters; having a child changes everything.  Luckily my wonderful mother-in-law took him for a little while so my husband and I could ride the rides.  However I like roller coasters and he likes the spinning rides, so we didn't ride together much.

Growing up I had horrible motion sickness, so bad in fact that just a short ride in to town would cause me to feel nauseous.  Which is why I despise all things that spin me in circles, especially in the summer heat, when my motion sickness is heightened.  We did have a blast that day, and everyone enjoyed it and had fun.  I got some great pictures of my little man's first theme park trip.  And I can tell you that no one regretted calling into to work either!

So have you visited a theme park this summer?  Or maybe you have had family reunions also? Tell me about it.

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