Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up [To Be to Not To Be...]

Luckily for us, this weekend was definitely one to relax.  We have been so busy that it was nice to spend the weekend at home.  There was a little drama, but luckily that is over with.  I am not one to cause drama, but sometimes you can't help the way someone interprets what you say.  I just try to difuse the situation.  Life is such a precious gift to waste on pettiness.  Things go wrong, but life will always go on, so why was time dwelling.  The details are irrelevant. To say it quickly, my sister-in-law wants to start a wedding planning business, something I have been interested in a while, I was kind of hesitant, but instead of telling her, I did kind of lead her own, well I told her on Friday I was a no-go, and she was upset.  She thought I wanted to go behind her back and start my own business.  This is the number one reason you never mix business with family.  It's too personal.

To be honest, I do want to start my own business.  Event planning is my forte, that and designing paper goods for the parties.  I love every aspect of planning, from concept to reality.  When I plan something, I have every detail written out and drawn out on how I want it to look, plus a back up plan for a mishap.  Plus I deal well with stress and I am a quick thinker.  Every time I throw a party, everyone always tells me I should do this for a living.  I would love to do that.  Right now I am a stay at home mom, but I hope to one day start my own event planning business.  But for now it is on hold for a couple of reasons: I don't want her thinking I am betraying her, and I want to be more educated on it.

This weekend I also dropped off some invites to my son's 1st birthday!  I can't believe it is all ready time!  His birthday is in a week, but we are having his party the weekend after, that way my husband will definitely be off of work.  I went over to his aunt and uncle's and dropped off a couple and hung out with my bestie (my husband's cousin).  Our boys were having fun blabbing to each other.  It is too cute to watch.  Then I got a phone call from my brother.  Our mom, who hasn't talked to either of us in months (I haven't seen her since Christmas), was in a car wreck.  She needed a ride, so she called my brother, who doesn't have a reliable car.  And I found out she had changed her number and never even told me. It is a sore subject and I may elaborate more one day.  I digress....After I visited my brother, had to drop off his invite, I went to hang out with my aunt-in-law.  We chit chatted and let our boys play.  My poor guy was worn out when he got home, so Sunday was a lazy day.  We hung out at home and played until later that night, we visited my in-laws who had just got back from their vacay in Florida.  It was a pretty boring weekend, with a couple bouts of drama.

How do you feel about starting a business with relatives?

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